Tony Agenmonmen

Managing Consultant


My name is Tony Agenmonmen. I am the Managing Consultant of OE&E Consulting. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself before I tell you what we do at OE&E Consulting.

Tony AgenmonmenI was born in a little village in Uromi, Edo state Nigeria. I had a good village life and I enjoyed every bit of it, before proceeding to secondary school. I then went to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria where I graduated with a B.Sc (Economics). For the compulsory national youth service, I had the opportunity to teach Economics and mathematics in a rural community secondary school in Imo state. I believe I enjoyed the place quite well. Somehow, I see myself today as an honorary citizen of the state. After my national service, I had a cameo appearance at Lever Brothers Nigeria (now Unilever). I worked in the planning department and left after only about four months to return to the university in quest of more knowledge. Apart from graduating with an MBA with specialization in marketing, I had fun at the university of Benin.

In 1994, I found myself in Nigerian Breweries as a young marketing trainee. I was a little bit restless like all young men of my age and time, thinking I would spend a few years and move on to some “greener pastures”. I was wrong. Before I knew it I had done 32.5 years in Nigerian Breweries. From that very young Brand Manager in 1994, I left in 2016 as the Senior Strategy Manager. Even now, it just feels like yesterday to me. In that long period I had the opportunity of learning from some really great professionals and also the privilege of leading some great teams that were responsible for some of Nigeria’s great iconic brands. Together with my various colleagues and teams, we launched and built great brands that remain household names in Nigeria. The job at Nigerian Breweries also enabled me the opportunity of knowing a little bit of my world with the opportunity to attend many senior marketing programs in Cote d’ivore, India, United Kingdom, Belgium, France and Singapore. Learning the cultural context of the various marketing environment was quite enriching.

In a unique marketing experience I was sent on international posting to Unilever Bangladesh in 1996. To market food! Transiting from marketing beer to marketing edible oil and tea in a completely strange cultural environment was at once challenging but most exciting. The three years I spent there turned out in the end, too short!

Some have said I am a result driven person and a perfectionist. I believe they are largely correct. I have a proven track record of insistence on high standards. I believe even the best can be improved, because it is possible. I relate well with people and I am a great team player.

I have written a two hundred-page book, “Excellence Is Not By Luck” that captures the high points of my 32.5 years marketing career in Nigerian breweries. Some reviewers have described the book as an invaluable read for marketing practitioner and those who want to understand marketing practice in Nigeria.

I am also an industry player and have served on the Council of the Advertisers Association of Nigeria. I am currently the President and Chairman of Council of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), the umbrella chartered Institute responsible for the regulation and control of the marketing profession in Nigeria.

On leaving Nigerian Breweries, I struggled with a few ideas about what to do next. In the end, the decision came out simple. I had to remain in the area I know best, not because I am not adventurous, because of course I am. I just needed to really bring my experience to bear on the marketing profession and management. So in 2017, I founded OE&E Consulting.

At OE&E Consulting, we deliver unique and tailored solutions that drive business objectives and results. We pride ourselves as marketing and management engineers. When you have taken the decision to appoint us you are taking the decision to work with the very best in the industry.

In my personal capacity, I bring to the table over 32 years experience in the industry plus a formidable portfolio of work done by my partners. They bring to the table the resources of companies that have delivered. Therefore, when you appoint us, you are appointing the very best in the industry.