Nnenna Udonsi

Business Manager


Nnenna graduated from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, about 2 years ago with a degree in public administration. Between her national service and now, she has acquired some considerable skills and experience in marketing, sales and customer service experience. She is able to work independently or as part of a team. She is hardworking, pays attention to details and very much results oriented. She possesses strong leadership and communication skills. Nnenna is in tune with her age and time and therefore very tech and social media Savvy. Apart from English, Nnenna speaks Igbo and Hausa very fluently.

Yes that is all the people you will meet in our office. We cannot afford to have all the expertise we need to serve our clients in our office and pay them. That would be simply too expensive for us. Even if we could afford it, there is simply no way we could have all the expertise, at the right levels that we need to deliver excellent output for our clients under our roof. If we were to attempt, it would be hugely expensive for our clients.

That does not mean that we are cheap. We just like to do things differently, creatively and more efficiently. We therefore run a model that has our office as a hub from which we can tap into the very best expertise available in the industry to handle any assignment that is given to us. When therefore you appoint us, you are really appointing the very best of the industry. In my personal capacity, I am bringing to the table over 34 years experience in the industry plus an outstanding and formidable portfolio of work done by our link partners. The link partners bring to the table available to serve you, the resources of their companies that have delivered excellent outputs in their various areas of expertise.

Our Link Partners have been carefully selected as subject experts in their various fields who have been known to deliver outstanding performances.